Creepy mermaid

Posted on: November 9, 2011

So I think it’s nice to share failures, lazy weeks with little motivation and lunches that even a 3 year old can’t decipher.  I had great intentions of making a lovely mermaid for the 3 year old.  I used a cookie cutter I recently bought.   The sandwich part was fine.  I used carrot slices for the scales.  They look ok, but they wouldn’t stay on for anything.  The spaghetti hair was alright too.  The face was another thing.  With limited time in the morning, I am forced to live with my mistakes.  So she’s in a side pose, but there’s no nose.  I just couldn’t make this one look right so I’ve decided she’s a sleestak mermaid (just google sleestak, and you’ll see what I mean).  She just looks creepy.  Worse yet, my daughter thought it was a seal.   Below her are grape tomatoes and goldfish crackers.  She also had applesauce again, Lifeway Kefir and ice water with her lunch.

The 1 year old got more rolled up ham & cheese with snap pea crisps and craisins underneath.  On the right side were orange slices and watermelon flowers on top.  She too had an applesauce, Lifeway kefir and ice water.

4 Responses to "Creepy mermaid"

aww, lol – I can totally see what you were doing with the mermaid!!
i love the pasta hair and carrot scales. those are the days when if my little miss said “is it a seal?” i would smile and say “yes… yes it is.” lol 😉

Welcome back! I love the name of this bento. I made Pathetic Princess last week! LOL! Sometime our vision doesn’t work out…but the kids still love it!

Hahaha…”Creepy Mermaid” LOVE it. I think the scales are genius! And I love the hair 🙂 Nice job Mama 🙂

[…] Creepy mermaid « bentorifficNov 9, 2011 … I just couldn’t make this one look right so I’ve decided she’s a sleestak mermaid ( just google sleestak, and you’ll see what I mean). She just … Comments Off […]

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