Peekaboo Hearts

Posted on: February 13, 2012

Late last week I ordered some new lunchboxes.  Many of my friends and the majority of my bento blogger friends use Easy Lunch Boxes.  I wanted to see what all the raves were about.  They are already compartmentalized which is nice.  I didn’t have to use an additional container to keep fruits and veggies from making bread or other dry foods soggy.  I was also surprised at the thickness of the plastic.  Most of us have those Ziploc throw away containers which get banged up pretty easily and dented, and these are much higher quality and incredibly durable.  The best part for me as a mom is that they are super affordable and made of the type of plastic that doesn’t leach chemicals into our little ones’ foods.  They are BPA free, reusable and have different fun colored lids.  They are the perfect size for about 3 years old and up.  I will still use my other containers, but I think these will become a bento/lunch staple in our house!  Check them out on Amazon or click here on Kelly’s website to see what they’re about:     Easy Lunch Boxes

On that note, Miss G said she liked her new lunch box.  She had her usual almond butter & jam on whole grain bread with the jam peeking through surrounded by small apple hearts.  The purple container above had Kashi brand heart cereal and a heart shaped dried apricot.  The top right compartment has a heart shaped plum, 2 strawberry hearts and a small kiwi heart.  Below on the right is an apple with a smaller apple cut out and a heart shaped apricot stuff in the middle.

Miss A had the mini version of the same peekaboo hearts. In the pink container is a heart shaped plum.  To the sides are heart shaped strawberries halved with heart apple pieces on top.  The bottom corners have halved strawberries with heart shaped apricots on top.  Both girls had ice waters with their lunches.

2 Responses to "Peekaboo Hearts"

Sarah! Thank you for your wonderful review and the super sweet hear-filled lunch 🙂 So thrilled to know you are loving my lunch boxes!

the hearts are so cute! What a fun lunch 🙂

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