Quacking Quackeroo and Cat in the Hat too!

Posted on: March 1, 2012

The girls’ school has been celebrating Dr. Seuss all week for his birthday.  He would have been 108 years old!   My fellow bloggers have been making fabulous foods all week for their kids, and now it’s time to hop!  Blog hop that is.  At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to visit the next bento blogger who also worked hard on a Seuss lunch.  Please make sure to visit all our pages to check out my fun, creative bento friends !

I also discovered that this is my 100th post!  Yea, me!

It’s still “Q” week at school so she chose the quacking quackeroo from the Dr. Seuss ABC book.  I hand carved a gardein brand  “chicken” breast for the bird which was leftover from dinner last night.  I hand cut and carved the carrots out of organic mini carrots and also a bit for the tongue.  His eyes are small pieces of fruit leather.  The marshmallow fuzzy collar is made from vegan marshmallows by sweet & sara.

The Q above the quackeroo is made with whole grain bread, and the orange star shaped silicone cup is filled with edamame.  On the top right are watermelon stars and underneath that are pieces of blood orange.  Below that in the purple cup are green tea rice noodles with carrot stars on top.

Little Miss A’s very favorite Seuss story is “Cat in the Hat” or cat hat as she calls it.  I rolled out whole grain bread with a rolling pin which makes it much easier to cut and cut out Cat in the Hat.  His bowtie and facial features are all fruit leather.  His hat is strawberry and banana slices, and the umbrella is the kind you find in fruity drinks here in Florida!  The sandwich has Smart Deli “turkey” and Veggy “cheese” inside.  In the top right red cup is the same green tea pasta with watermelon fish, and below in the blue cup are edamame and a cucumber pinwheel.  Both girls’ lunches are packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.

For more awesome Dr. Seuss themed food ideas, please click HERE to see what Kandice at We Aren’t Scared of Sugar did this week!  Happy Blog hopping!

Things I used to make this lunch:

33 Responses to "Quacking Quackeroo and Cat in the Hat too!"

These both look awesome!!! I love all the Suess lunches this week 😀 It’s so fun!!

Thanks, Jenn! Can’t wait to check everyone’s stuff out 🙂

these are so freaking awesome 🙂 i dont know how you did the quackeroo so good, but i bow down to you lady ~ two freaking awesome Seuss bentos! LOVE THEM!!

No bowing allowed. I learned from the masters 🙂 I wouldn’t have met all these awesome bloggers had it not been for you, Keeley! Have a great day.

aww sweet lady 🙂 i’m so glad i found your blog ages ago. you make adorable, creative, HEALTHY bentos for your girls. it’s inspiring!! and you’re so darn nice too. 😉

Very cute! Happy 100th post to you!

Happy 100th To You!!! (And I’m still cracking up over the awesomeness of the Quackeroo!)

Oh good grief. I’m rhyming again.

They are both really awesome, love them. And happy 100th to u! 🙂

OMG those are awesome! Happy 100th post!!

All of them are super cute, love them all 🙂

Thanks, Rina! Everyone did awesome snacks & lunches this week. We make an awesome team 🙂

Very fabulous lunches! 🙂 Happy 100th!

Thanks, Kandice! Loved your green ham today!

love quackeroo!!! happy 100th post!

OMG.. I can’t take it! The Quacking Quackeroo is PERFECT! WOW! Truly amazing. And the detail. So awesome! The Cat is superb too! Love the umbrella. Nice touch lady!

Thanks, sugar! I love all of today’s blogs. Adore your Lorax. So much fun!

That Quackering Quackaroo is amazeballs! Both lunches are too cute! Very Seusseriffic!

Amazeballs 🙂 You ladies crack me up! Loved your fantariffic lunches too. Thanks :*

Amazed! I love the Quackeroo idea and it came out so good! Plus the Cat in the Hat with the Umbrella is just too much, LOL! This is awesome!


Look what happens when I finally get organized! Thanks, Nina 🙂

oooh, I’m green, these are on beyond perfect!

You are very kind, Cristi! I was hoping people wouldn’t think it was a Seuss reindeer or something 🙂

You put me to shame! These are Seusstastic! Crazy Good!

No way! Your lunches are crazy cute. Thank you!

OMG! Your lunches are AWESOME!

You are too sweet, Crystal! I’ve seen your “artwork” too, and you’re no slouch! Glad to have such a fun bunch of women to learn from.

I am so happy to see you make VEGAN BENTO box ideas for kids! I am just entering the realm of having to make daily lunches for my 5 year old daughter and I’ll be DAMNED if I am gonna let her eat school food!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and incredibly imaginative recipes! I will be a regular 🙂

You are too kind. I’m glad you are inspired!

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