Starfish, Stop Sign & Spring Break is Over!

Posted on: March 19, 2012

My big shout out this week goes to my kids’ teachers.   I love my kids.  They’re wild, fun and ran like a pack of small, cute wild animals last week while they were out of school.  I am hoping that the teachers got a bit of a break because today it’s back to school for them.

My husband got a big spinach salad today with snow peas, carrots, tomatoes, and scallions.  In the small striped containers are his ginger dressing.  He also has green grapes and leftover Hoppin’ John (black eyed peas and rice) salad with tomatoes, scallions, italian parsley and celery seasoned with salt, lemon juice and garlic packed in his Easy Lunch Box.

Miss G has a seascape today.  Now that we’re back to school it’s “S” week.  The water is blue colored barley.  The starfish is an almond butter and jam on whole wheat pita, the sun is a yellow tomato, the waves and whale are made from Veggy brand soy “cheese” and the whale’s eye is a piece of quinoa.  The top right are watermelon stars and on the bottom right are green grapes and a plum octopus with Veggy cheese eyes and mouth all packed in her Easy Lunch Box.

In keeping with the “S” theme again today for little A, she has a whole wheat pita STOP sign sandwich.  On the right are green grapes with a plum and watermelon heart on top and on the bottom right is a peeled clementine packed in her LunchBots Duo.  Both girls have ice water with their lunches.

14 Responses to "Starfish, Stop Sign & Spring Break is Over!"

so cute Sarah! love the hubby’s salad – I had a spinach salad today too, yummo! the seascape is ADORABLE too, love the blue colored barley idea. You are so creative with your letter themed lunches 🙂

Thanks, K! We love spinach. We use it in tacos & everything in place of lettuce (most of the time). So Miss G wanted blue barley & then said she didn’t eat it because it was blue. Sheesh! Oh to be 4 again 🙂

I LOVE that starfish LUNCH!

I love that lil plum octopus, I don’t think I could bear to eat that cute thing!

Miss G LOVES plums so I’m sure it was the first to go 🙂

I like the starfish lunch – very cute!

SO cute! Thanks for your submission to Bento of the Week. Voting goes through tonight!

Diana Rambles
Bento Blog Network

Thanks for linking up again!

Thanks, Diana! I love to link up when I can remember. Your site is a great source of inspiration 🙂

Wonderful bentos! I especially like the plum octopus. Very creative.

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