Chugga Chugga Choo and Some $ Too

Posted on: March 27, 2012

Day 2 of the transportation theme, and Miss G wanted a train today.   She had Rudi’s Oat & Nut bread with soy butter and strawberry jam.  On top of the train I used some funky carrots that I found at the local farmer’s market.  They were orange, yellow and a dark red so I thought they would make great wheels.  I stuck them on with the soy butter.  I also wanted to make steam coming out of the top, but I think it looks more like clouds which is fine too. I stuck a blue elephant pick in the sandwich so the train would have a driver.  At the top right are honeydew, cantaloupe and a watermelon heart.  Below that is a small rail car with the same carrot wheels carrying a load of green grapes all packed in her Easy Lunch Box.

Miss A was still sniffly so she was at home with me again this morning.  Big daddy however needed lunch today.  I made him an almond butter sandwich with jam on the same Rudi’s Oat & Nut bread.  He got a big dollar sign made of Veggy Cheese on top.  He also had some left over hoppin’ john salad made of black eyed peas, collard greens, celery, green peppers, onions, and some spices. And at the top left is the same melon hearts that Miss G had in hers packed in his Easy Lunch Box.

And he also had a salad from a salad bowl I’ve been growing in the back yard.  I used the rest of the multi-colored carrots in his lunch, an orange heirloom tomato and walnuts on top packed in his Lunchbots Uno.

12 Responses to "Chugga Chugga Choo and Some $ Too"

Love your bentos! How do I follow your blog so I don’t miss out on your posts? I couldn’t find any button.

I know you can find it if you go to the About Me page at the bottom. I think it shows differently on different browsers. It should say Follow. You can also “like” my Facebook page where I always post. Please let me know if that works. Thanks in advance!

Love your bentos! I am now a follower. It gives me ideas what to pack on days when I’m clueless. Thanks

That’s what I was hoping for. All the other bento moms inspire me too. Glad you like them!

I also share a lot of other bentos from other bloggers on Facebook so you may want to subscribe there too.

Very cute! I love your idea of the elephant pick for the driver.

Thanks! A whole lot quicker than making one 🙂

Yum! That salad looks amazing! I am totally going to use that $ sandwich for my hubby. He will get a kick outta that 🙂

Mine says, “Yeah, yeah, I get the message.” 🙂

that salad looks AMAZING!! great lunches! 🙂

Thanks, K! It’s all fresh. That local farm where bubba the burro is has amazing produce. They pick the stuff same day so it’s as fresh as it gets!

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