Driving to lunch

Posted on: March 28, 2012

Miss G is still the only one at school so I decided on a routine traffic stop.  She loves the same thing every day.  Almond butter & strawberry jam on Rudi’s Nut & Oat bread is what she likes.  I used another LunchPunch from the transportation set since they’re studying things that go all week.

The windows on the car are Veggy brand cheese, and a lion pick is the driver today.  I used the same carrots today as I did yesterday for the wheels & stuck them on with almond butter.   In front of the car is a traffic light.  The strawberries are the red light, cantaloupe for orange and honeydew for the green light.  The bottom left flower cup has sliced kiwi in it and the bottom right are sliced soy ravioli packed in her Easy Lunch Box.

15 Responses to "Driving to lunch"

This is so cute I want it for myself

I love all the bento box ideas. I pack my kid fun lunches every day, as well. Yours are a bit more intricate than mine, but I’m curious…once you slap the lid on and the lunch bounces around in a lunchbox all day, aren’t they a bit jumbled come lunchtime? If not, I must know your secret.

I do try to pack things in a bit, but I like the Easy Lunch Boxes because the lids are indented a bit over the food compartments. It keeps the three areas separate & does prevent a bit of sliding around. I also recommend using some sort of nut butter, (I use vegan) cream cheese or something of the sort to hold things down. Many bento moms pack lettuce, spinach or some greens underneath the main dish or sandwich which looks pretty but is also functional in packing a tighter lunch! Even using the picks to keep things in place is a cute & easy trick. Lastly, if I give my 2 year old the lunchbag on the way into school, she will FIND a way to jumble it up. Good luck!

I wish you would pack my lunch. 😉

And how coincidental that when I was driving to lunch, I ran into you. Great to see you, it’s been too long. Keep the Bento photos coming – I love seeing them.

Great to see you too, Heidi!

Oops! Hit enter to soon 😉 I also wanted to say that the traffic light is such a great idea! My girls love telling me the color of the lights when I am driving. 🙂

Mine too. That’s what gave me the idea. Miss G is very dominant & loves to tell me what she’d like me to do 😉

What an adorable lunch! Love the traffic light.

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