Swiss Cheese and a seahorse

Posted on: May 22, 2012

I may have created a lunch monster.  For the first time ever, Miss A (2)  asked for a specific lunch for tomorrow.  She said she wanted a seahorse.  I did one last year for Miss G, but I’m quite sure neither one of them remember it.  Here was last year’s:

Seahorse Lunch 2011

A few fun seahorse facts. 

*It is the male seahorse who is impregnated, gestates and gives birth to the babies in their species.  

*Seahorses are terrible swimmers.  The do have fins to propel themselves but spend a lot of time drifting and resting in one place

*Seahorses, like many species, are vulnerable to extinction.  Please don’t buy the dried souvenirs that you see in shell shops or purchase ones for your aquarium.  They are best left along in the wild. 

Today used the same cookie cutter for this one too for the sake of ease.  I used Vegan brand mozzarella cheese for the markings and a Wilton food marker to color the blue.  She has a cup of shrimp and shell shaped watermelon pieces. Below that is a cup of thinly sliced strawberries and a piece of baran for sea grass below packed in her LunchBots stainless bento container.

Miss G and I were reading a book before bed, and she saw a piece of swiss cheese.  She decided she would like that as her sandwich for today along with a little mouse too.  The sandwich is made from the same Rudi’s Whole Grain bread.  I used my small circle cutters to make the impressions in the bread without pushing it all the way through and then smooshed the middle for the indentations.  The strawberry mouse is just hulled.  I used Vegan brand cheese to hand cut a tail and I used tiny cutters for the face and ears. Under the sandwich is a pick of blueberries.   In the top right compartment are grapes and a piece of watermelon.  Below that is a flower cup of So Delicious brand strawberry flavored coconut milk yogurt with a strawberry flower on top.

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8 Responses to "Swiss Cheese and a seahorse"

okay, love them both BUT the mouse and the cheese is just too stinkin’ cute and clever! great job!!

Thanks, KMG! It was all Miss G’s idea, the design that is. I came up with the details but she told me exactly what she wanted!

After a while of watching your inspiring lunches, I have taken the plunge and started doing these for my kids. They are SO basic and nowhere near worth photographing yet but the kids do like them!! I need to get some new equipment and wondered what you would recommend as a basic starter kit? Until we extend next year, we have a teeny kitchen with no storage space so I need to keep it simple! I’m also in the UK. I looked into the lunches you use but they got some pretty bad ratings on amazon – a lot of complaints that they don’t close properly?? Am wondering if that’s a UK problem!? Anyway – any tips for a beginner greatly appreciated!! Thank you 🙂

Thanks for voting! Here in the states I use for most of my bento supplies. I do find many things on and that are shipped right from Japan and affordable. My best recommendation is to start with small fondant cutters found in your local baking supply store. They will also carry the silicone baking cups and save you the $ on shipping. They take up little space and store easily. I use mostly Easy Lunch Boxes and LunchBots. I use rubber bands or bento bands if I’m worried about lids coming off. I store them flat, and it’s rare that they spill but they are NOT leakproof. You may try some of the really cheap, cute Japanese plastic boxes with snapping lids. They are smaller but store well, leak little & are easily replaced. Also, I think is in France so they may ship cheaply to you too. Best of luck!

Thank you that’s great! I will check out your ideas – and keep voting!! Thanks again 🙂

Any time! Thanks 🙂

So so cute!! I love the seahorse and the little mousey with the cheese 😀

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