Bentoriffic 1 year giveaway! Get your loot here! (contest ended 6/18/2012)

Posted on: June 11, 2012

FREE SWAG!  Who doesn’t want that?  I do!  Oh, wait, it’s my giveaway for one lucky reader.  To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of bentoriffic and all those who have supported me, I decided to get together a few of my favorite lunch making items to giveaway.  I tried to put together all the things that would get someone started with their own bento/lunchmaking kit for their kids in the fall.  Or better yet for the older kids, something to encourage them to make their OWN lunches.   I didn’t ask for freebies, but I did support some of my favorite products to give to one lucky winner.

Here’s what the loot consists of:

1 complete set of 4 Easy Lunch Boxes for packing meals.  They’re great for adults AND kids.

Two Plastic Egg Molds, a rabbit and a bear

A set of 10 adorable animal picks that are great for girls or boys.

A set of small deco cutters that are great for meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

 a set of 4 stainless steel vegetable cutters:

And 12 Wilton Silicone square cups

This contest is only open to United States residents.

Please let me know in the comment section below either your favorite lunch I’ve made or one you’d like to see from bentoriffic.


You may gain separate entries by signing up to receive my posts by email, tweeting or sharing this post.

  Please leave SEPARATE messages for each thing that you do in order to get a separate entry.

This contest will go for 1 week, ending on June 18th at midnight.

The lucky winner will be chosen through I will post through my blog and on Facebook announcing the winner, and they will have 48 hours to contact me, or I will redraw the giveaway.


214 Responses to "Bentoriffic 1 year giveaway! Get your loot here! (contest ended 6/18/2012)"

I like/ love you on fb.

OOOH!!! pick me! 🙂
My fave is that starfish with the blue colored rice (or was it another grain?)! 🙂

I had the honor to love on your sweet miss A and admired all of your lunch creations. It has encouraged me to be creative with my daughters lunch.

This is kind of a weird one to like, but it was the post about what you do with the leftovers from the cutouts. You showed your husbands lunch. I always wondered what you did with that. Your girls lunches are alway so cute.

Thanks, Leah! I eat a lot of weird fruit & veggie scraps for breakfast 🙂

Wow, that year went by fast. I look forward to your daily creations and show everyone in the office, hopefully those with young children will get inspired and start serving fun healthy meals.

Thanks as always, Trisha, for your undying support. I miss you!!!

I like you on FB!

I tweeted from eBLUNTillustrtn!

I’m signed up for your emails!

Or at least I’m subscribed on myYahoo…I can’t figure out how to get “emails”. Thanks for all you do!!

If you’re getting them through Yahoo email, then you’re already subscribed! Thank you 🙂

What a great idea!!! We’ve liked you on FB for a while. It’s so nice to be part of the Lunch Box Mama League with you!

Thank you for sharing all your ideas! 😉

I tweeted about the giveaway 😉

I love the mouse and ‘cheese’ shaped sandwich, but I’m partial to rodents! We have pet rats and mice! 🙂

I signed up for email of posts! Thanks so much!

Of course I already “like” you on FB! 🙂

My favorite lunch by you? Oh wow. the pressure! I Love the giraffe bento you made.. but seriously. I could list ten or more that I love 🙂

Not really a bento, but I love your vegan french toast casserole! Not only does it look great, but it’s inspired me to save my bread scraps so I too can waste less and make more!

Yay! So glad to hear. Thanks!

I shared this on FB!

I don’t get your posts by email, but I follow you and get an update in my google RSS with every new post! (Hope that counts!)

I shared your giveaway on Facebook.

I tweeted your giveaway!

Very sweet! Thanks 🙂

You know I love all of your lunches, Sarah! I can’t pick just one. Your lunches would be my inspiration for my incoming K this Fall.

I always like you in FB.

I am a stalker of your blogposts 🙂

I love your blog – my favorite posts from you are when you show all of your loot that you use to make everything! I’m jealous of your stash 🙂 I love when you do Holiday lunches, they’re so creative!

I follow you on FB

I also receive your emails

I’ve “liked” your page and think everything is adorable!
Thanks for the inspirations!!!

Liked your page would “like” to win as well 🙂

I like Bentoriffic on FB!

I tweeted!

I shared on FB!

I receive your posts by email!

I think my favorite is the Sarasota & Space lunch from March, so cute (and informative), but I love all your lunches 🙂

I like you on facebook

I receive your posts by email


I receive your posts by email

You are extremely creative…and patient! I like so many of your lunches, but I guess my fave would have to be the vampire one! LOVE the Halloween Bentos you came up with!!

Shared on twitter: JLaFrance12

The Hello Kitty Bento lunch. I would like to see a Chihuahua Bento lunch!

You’ve got it. It may take me a bit, but I love a challenge. I’ll be sure to tag you on it, post on your page, etc. when I get it done. :*

Bentorriffic is something everymom should see and try to at least mimic once in their life time.

just shared on facebook – love this site! thanks.

also – my favorite so far you’ve done – – – the mushrooms! just love how you tie in a theme for what you’re doing for the day (so creative) = thanks for letting me steal your ideas for my kids – they think I’m so super smart now 🙂

Whatever works! As long as they’re eating better, that’s the whole point! Glad you’re copying 🙂


I like you on facebook

My 7yr old has food allergies some common & some not so common. But most of what he is allergic to is found in a lot of foods kids eat. He has to eat at a separate table at school & bring his own food to every party or play date he goes to. So recently I have discovered bento :). Just the other day we had a birthday party to attend where the other kids all had pizza. Being that my child has a gluten allergy along with tomato just to name a few, so he is unable to have pizza. Needless to say he had brought a bento lunch with him and it turned out all the kids were more interested in his lunch than there own. I will be practicing up this summer so he can have more “cool” lunches when schools starts back up. 🙂

Awesome! So glad you found a way to include him and make him feel special instead of excluded. 🙂

I liked on fb 🙂

I tweeted this 🙂

I receive your posts by email 🙂

Love you guys and have been a Facebook fan for awhile. 🙂

Wow!! Awesome giveaway! i liked you on FB! tree tiemeyer

I love the Haunted House one!

I am a fan of Bentoriffic on Facebook!

Like you on FB!

I shared the giveaway on my Facebook wall.

I like you on Facebook! I love the egg molds!

I gotta have this set!! Loved the Oscar The Grouch Lunch Idea!!

Thanks, Shanna, but that Oscar was’s. She has wonderful & creative lunches!

I also just started receiving your post by emails, so excited!!!

I really like the fruit skewers! I can see endless possibilities for this – thanks for sharing! Oh, and thanks for the giveaway, too!

Just looked at your site for the 1st time and LOVE t! Its all too cute, the stars and sealife, disney and the little animal cutouts… My girls would love that! I ‘ll be back for more ideas for sure!

“liked” on fb!

Emails are coming…!

Love all your lunches -do I have to pick a favorite? How about the nesting dolls!

I liked you on facebook… I love the elmo lunch… My little one LOVES elmo… I cant wait to make it for her for lunch!

I liked you on facebook – and I would say that my favorite has to be anything that you’ve done with animals..too cute!!

I think your items look amazing!

Hello kitty is fun and my daughters favorite! So excited to try all your creations. She starts K this fall!’

Like you on Facebook:)


Liked on FB and a follower

Princess Lunch is one of our favorites. 🙂

Hello Kitty was my fave because of the reaction I got from my huge hello kitty fan!! I even went further and made a little hello kitty card and threw it in there for her to tell her how special she is to me and how much I love her!

I would love to see a hawaiin theme!! I am doing a luau theme birthday party for my kids…and wanted to get some ideas for finger foods…would love to see what you could come up with.

I will put a Hawaiian theme in the works! Thanks for the suggestion.

I “liked” Bentoriffic on Facebook. One of my favorite lunches you have made would have to be the “Hello Kitty for Two.” 🙂

My 6 yr old is really getting interested in helping me make his lunches! He loves to go through the pictures on the website and pick out things that look yummy


Liked you on FB. I hope I win 🙂

Receiving your emails. Excited!!

Done! been following you on FB for a while. Your ideas are informative and motivating

the giraffe bento!! love it love your ideas!!!!

My favorite lunch you made is Manatee bento! I follow you on Facebook

I Tweeted!

What a great giveaway!!

I love the mushroom lunch. I liked you on FB!

Liked on FB and about to subscribe! Hope I win!

Following the blog!

♥’d you on FB and I’d love to see some superhero themed lunches!

Mandie, today’s post was from your suggestion! Hope you like it. There will be more in the future.

I love following you on Facebook! And my girls favorite post of yours was the flowers and tea pot. We had a tea party yesterday and I had to cut their fruit just like yours 🙂

Awesome! So glad they liked it!

I shared this post on Facebook and I subscribe to your blog. Congratulations on your one year-iversary! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway 🙂

Love your blog…wish the giveaway was open to Canada too.

Sorry! This one’s on me. I’ll keep that in mind for the next one!

Congratulations on your one year blog-iversary! My daughter cannot wait to go to Kindergarten and take her lunch thanks to your inspiration! Looking forward to many more fantastic posts!

Liked on FB.

I just discovered your website a couple of weeks ago so I haven’t had a chance to try any. I am looking forward to trying some over the summer. Thanks for all the great post you are inspiring!

Mickey of Course!

Ooh, I can’t pick one. I like them all!

I shared your post on facebook 🙂

I liked and shared you on facebook!

I follow you 🙂

I am following your blog through email updates.

I like you on Facebook..No I love you on Facebook..LOL

I do receive your emails.

I like you on Facebook

I receive your emails

I would love to see a hello kitty bento lunch ❤ Thanks. I love reading your blog!

Nevermind. Just saw Hello Kitty for two and LOVE it. Maybe a Panda Bento?

My baby is starting preschool next month and although it makes me a little sad, I am really looking forward to making her bento lunches! Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you for introducing me & my daughter to creative ways to make healthy, organic eating fun! – Lori Williams

Thanks for reading, Lori!

The carrot head sandwich cracked me up!

I like you on FB!

I’m not sure how to sign up for your email newsletter…. but I follow in Google Reader!

I want I want!!! I’ve been wanting to experiment with my girls lunches!! I need to invest in some of these products especially for my lil Brooklyn who is learning to eat on her own and who I am constant packing varieties of foods to match her appetite – still trying to find where she puts all that food! 😉

Liked on FB!

Liked the site.
I love the seahorse and the mouse with cheese..oh, and the dolphin too.. cute ideas. I’m a simple mommy, don’t know how many cut-out sandwiches I would actually make, but would try if I had the tools I suppose!

Liked on FB!

Signing up for email!

I just found you through Pinterest. So excited to have ideas for healthy lunches!

My wife would love these.


I just liked you on facebook. I’d love to win your bento set. I love the idea of making healthy lunches more fun! Can’t wait to check out your ideas!

Blogged, shared on FB & tweeted :).

Congratulations on your first year! – Lori W.

Read the rules after my last post. Haha. This one will count as my share on Facebook. – Lori W.

I tweeted on the contest. My Twitter is Indigz.kiddigz 🙂 -Lori W.

I’m already a big fan & have liked your page on FB for a while. 🙂 LW

I love the ice cream cones. Congrats to 1 year !!!!!!

Some great ideas on your site! I would love to win!

Its nice to see all these wonderful ideas, despite I am from Canada, still liked and shared =)

Thanks! Sorry you can’t enter. All costs are on me & I’m not making any $! Maybe the next one 🙂 Thanks for sharing anyway!

I love you new super hero lunches that you posted a few days ago. I can’t wait to try it out! I just made my first order a few days ago to get started on making cute bentos for my sone who will be starting kindergarden this fall!

Just shared you on facebook

Shared on facebook.

Also, liked you on facebook.

Last but not least – am following your blog. These are really cute and my kids will LOVE them. The other kids will be jealous at the lunchtable this fall. Will make a cute summer picnic also. : )

Just found you and am inspired already – thank you thank you thank you!

oops…my favorite is the angel and tulip lunch 🙂

Liked you on Facebook!!! I really like the superhero one you just posted….my boys would love it!!!

I am subscribed to your emails 🙂

My 6-yr-old son is now begging me to make him a Batman lunch. Might just have to do that soon. Thanks for sharing!

As the mother of 3 boys, I LOVED your superheros post! Cannot wait to show my boys tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many creative ideas!

So glad you liked them! I am planning on doing 1 or 2 more in the upcoming weeks!

Liked you on FB- awesome giveaway!

Subscribed to your emails- thanks for the chance 🙂

I spent $1600 last year for mediocre meals for my 2 kids. Something’s gotta change!

I signed up for emails too!

I shared on Facebook.

I liked on facebook.

I will answer both of your questions for fun! I really liked your matryoshka doll bento (as well as several others like the rainbow wale bento and the Olivia bento.). I would really like to see a Team Umizoomi bento. I really love those guys. Ni Hao Kai Lan is fun too.

Like your page on Facebook! 🙂

It’s hard to choose one lunch, that you’ve made! They are all AMAZING !
But I’d go with Ada Sofia’s favorite- Olivia 😉

Shared the giveaway on Facebook!

My favorite lunch you’ve done is a toss up between the Hello Kitty for Two or the Minnie/Mickey Mouse boxes. My girls love both so I am inspired to try both!

I “Liked” you on FB!

Shared your giveaway on FB.

Signed up to receive your emails.

Shared on twitter

I love your seahorse lunch from way back! ❤ so many of your lunches!

Love your products and your ideas. Thanks!!

Thank you for reading!

Shared on FB- love the ideas! My oldest daughter will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall and I am already stashing ideas for her lunches!

My daughter cannot wait until the new school year begins to have her own adorable lunches!

We’re huge bento fans and have a great time on your site. My kids help me make their onigiri and rice balls and veggies. thank you for the great links!

Thank YOU for reading. I wish I had more traditional obento skills like making onigiri. My kids won’t eat nori yet, but I will keep trying 🙂

I’m so excited about your giveaway! I believe food should be a treasure to your eyes and senses as well as your stomach. I would love your tools to keep things fun and creative for my son!

I like you on FB. My favorite lunch has to be your batman.

love your stuff and ideas….hope I win!

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