Spidey and Batman

Posted on: June 15, 2012

I loved some of the suggestions I got from the giveaway comments so I’m putting many of them into action in the upcoming weeks.  One of the comments from Mandie was that she wanted to see superhero lunches.   My kids are so young the have few superheros that they actually know yet, but I decided that they’d probably love the lunches anyway.

Miss A gets the Batman lunch.   She has an almond butter and jam sandwich on Rudi’s Whole Grain bread.  Batman’s mask and bat are made from Stretch Island brand grape fruit leather, and his eyes are vegan cheese. The bat picks surrounding the sandwich are sliced green grapes and blueberries.  She has honeydew melon bats. and dried cranberries and raspberries at the top.

Miss G has the Spiderman lunch today.  I used a spiderweb cookie cutter and made the web strings from Stretch Island Fruit leather.  Spidey’s eyes are made from vegan cheese.  The spider picks on the sides are tiny organic grape tomatoes.  She also has Spidey eye shaped honeydew melon pieces are at the top right with the spider and at the left are raspberries with a vegan cheese star on top.  Both lunches are packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.

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16 Responses to "Spidey and Batman"

The lunches are absolutely beautiful. I love it. Nice job, mama!

I’m blown away by these lunches. Incredible job!! I could NEVER do anything this awesome! I am sooo not worthy! So glad my kiddo is too young to care about comics and won’t ask for this hehe LOL

You are SO worthy, Michelle!!! You do amazing lunches! My kids are way too little too. I had to show them a photo so they’d sort of get it.

You are so creative!!!!!! My boys think those are so cool!

My husband (Loren Lester) is the voice of ROBIN on Batman: The Animated Series. He’s sharing this with his fans! (So, a Robin bento is not far behind, right? hahah no pressure!)

That’s awesome, Kelly! Thanks! One Robin lunch coming soon 🙂

These are *amazing*!!!!! Great job!!!

I absolutely love this one. Soo cute!!

Love the Spiderman!

[…] via Jodi on […]

I so enjoy your ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I’ve featured a link to this post in my “Halloween Meals” blog post today so that others can enjoy your creativity too.

Thanks for sharing & linking back to me. Happy Halloween!

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