Summer Blog Hop

Posted on: June 20, 2012

My fellow blogger friends and I are doing a summer blog hop.  We each got to choose what we thought reminded us of summer.  We hope this inspire some fun ideas for your summer picnics and lunches.  When you get to the end of each post, please click on the blog hop button or link to get to the next blog’s page.  Some people are posting later than others so make sure you loop through everyone’s creations during the day.  Enjoy!

These were fun afternoon snacks for my kids.  We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  I’m the big water fanatic in the family so we spend as much time as possible out walking the beach and playing outside.  We found a crab last week while walking the beach so I included him.  From the top left is a fruity drink made of watermelon and a cantaloupe strip on top with an orange slice garnish.  To the right is a beachy scene.  All the sand is cous cous with food coloring.  The crab is made of grape tomatoes, a tiny piece of uncooked pasta to attach his pinchers and 2 candy eyes.  The coconut palm is made from a pretzel stick trunk, kiwi palm fronds and dates rolled up for coconuts.  The flip flop at the bottom right is a pineapple chunk with Stretch Island brand fruit leather straps.

I also love to standup paddleboard which little Miss G did with me on Mother’s Day.  She was a bit nervous, but she ended up having a great time.  I did a scene with her half in the water hanging onto a surfboard (paddleboard) in the water which was cous cous dyed with food coloring.  The sun is a pineapple wedge.  The face and body of the girl are made from Stretch Island brand fruit leather and Vegan brand cheese.  Miss G knows that sharks live in salty water so I gave her coconut milk yogurt a water color too, and I put the fish(fruit leather) close to her & the shark far away.  At the top left is hummus with sea grass (snap peas) and an anchor.  Not shown were the quinoa chips for dipping.  Both snacks were packed in their Easy Lunch Boxes.


Tools I used to make these lunches are:

41 Responses to "Summer Blog Hop"

Wow! Those are amazing, adorable, and yummy looking!!!

omgosh i ADORE both of these!
that little crab is SO cute!!

Ohhhh! I love this lunch so much!!!! Super cute! They are both incredible!

Thanks so much, Rachel!!!

Wow, wow! Love them all, v nice! 🙂

ADORABLE! Both lunches are incredible! I AM NOT WORTHY! 🙂

Michelle! STOP IT! You are insanely talented, and your attention to detail can’t be beat. I admire all of your creations. You are inspirational!

Let me count the ways that I love these lunches! The crab, the surfer, the tropical drink! WOW!!!

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is that you? 😉 You are far too sweet! I had to look at your cute inner tube yogurt swimmers again this morning. They make me smile 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

So cute! I love your palm tree!

I love both lunches! Very great in details. They are adorable, Sarah. I love how you used couscous to show sand and the beach. Brilliant ideas.

Everything is simply fabulous looking! Great job!

Surf’s Up Dude!!! These are so great! Genius idea for the dates as coconuts.

It’s all so clever! The couscous sand and pineapple sun are awesome!

I love the ideas on your blog.
Ít gives me inspiration for my own blog with sandwich/snack-creations.

I love your fun food creations! Thanks for the compliment.

Both your lunches are amazing! I love the palm trees with grape coconuts, the grape and sandal but also the shark yogurt and your daughter with the surfboard! Great lunches and very inspiring!

OOps, that was supposed to say crab not grape 🙂

EEKKK!!! Love. every. single. thing!!!

Wow! Thanks, Daisy! I appreciate it 🙂

I’m just now getting to catch up since yesterday was so crazy. I LOVE these! (And now I want to get my hands on some of those arm cutters. Ohhhh JeeJee ……. LOL!)

Thanks, KQ! Those cutters definitely come in “handy” 🙂

Goodness, they are super cute and I love every single detailing!! Amazing talent 🙂

~Amazing lunches! I adore the crab and coconut tree!!

Your crab scene so belongs in a Bento Hall of Fame. It is so well done!

[…] beachy, healthy and delicious. Make lunchtime a day at the beach! Photo Credit: Sarah, Bentoriffic.Get the recipe for this Beach Scene bento at Bentoriffic […]

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