Robin from Batman

Posted on: June 28, 2012

After I made the recent Batman bento a couple of weeks ago, I got a thoughtful message from my friend Kelly who liked the lunch. She happened to mention that her husband, Loren Lester, was the voice of “Robin” in Batman: The Animated Series. She thought it would be fun for me to create a Robin bento & dedicate it to him, and I’m always up for a new challenge. Please visit his website at He has not only done some amazing voice acting but also film, stage and TV over the past 35 years. He and his lovely wife are certainly not lacking in talent!

And even though you can’t eat it, I hope you enjoy the lunch I made for you, Loren!

Robin’s made from Rudi’s Oat & Nut bread and hand cut. His hair, mask and part of his cape are made from Stretch Island brand grape fruit leather. His eye whites are Vegan brand cheese. His torso is a Pink Lady organic apple with yellow squash stripes and R on his chest. His green sleeves are zucchini. In the top left are cherry tomatoes and in the compartment at top right are pieces of zucchini and yellow squash packed in an Easy Lunch Boxes container designed by Loren’s amazingly talented wife, Kelly!

Below is the Batman post from from a couple of weeks ago. Please click the photo to see the whole post along with my Spider Man bento too. Thanks!

And the best lunch containers a mom can ask for:

Easy Lunch Boxes


15 Responses to "Robin from Batman"

Amazing! Both lunches are unbelievably creative, wonderful and so right on.

Thanks so much, Nina!!!

Promise me two things:
1. You will start bento classes asap
2. You will let me take those bento classes.


Wow! Awesome job!!

Amazeballs! This is what I call awesomeness. I have never been wrong believing in your talents. I am so glad I followed you. Robin is fabulous. I love all the details. You have exceeded my expectations of your creations. I swear my just dropped the moment I saw this from my email. You deserve to be the TOP foodie moms. 🙂

Batman and Robin look extremely awesome!

Thanks so much! Found your site yesterday, and LOVING your work!

Thank you Sarah. You are very kind. I admire people who can write their blogs well. you put me into shame…I have a lot to catch up.

You don’t need to say anything! Your beautiful food speaks for itself 🙂

That is amazing! Where did you get the Batman food picks?

Thanks, Angela. I found them at the local party store. They are for cupcakes.

Where I can buy this one in Costa Rica

Which one? The baking picks? I am not sure. I’m sure Amazon probably carries them or any party supply website that ships there.

Incredibly awesome!!

Thanks, Rebecca! Love your bentos!

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