Happy Ghoul bentos for the Halloween Blog Hop

Posted on: October 17, 2012

My new friend Michelle bought me a cookie cutter, and as slim as the chances were it was one I did not have yet!  These cute little ghouls are made with my new ghost cutter. Thank you, Michelle!  The sandwiches are made on Rudi’s brand whole grain bread with pumpkin pecan butter filling.  The ghost picks just above are filled with grape tomatoes and a seckel pear is inbetween them.  At the top left are cantaloupe chunks with a kiwi ghost on top and kiwi slices to the right with a happy ghost ring on top packed in Easy LunchBoxes.

The Eat Wholly company who makes Wholly Guacamole sent me a variety of their awesome products to try.  We were already fans of theirs.  What makes their guacamole (and other products) even better is that there are no artificial preservatives or junk in their foods.  Just freshly packed goodness.  I love to freeze ours the night before since it’s thawed for the kids just in time for their lunch.  My 4 year old today had a Frankenstein snack with black olives for the face and chips for dipping in her snack bento.

Little Miss 2 year old has an army of friendly ghosts in her LunchBots Quad.  From the top left are black seedless grapes, cantaloupe ghost pieces, a seckel pear at the bottom right and mini ghost sandwiches made with a small cookie press.  The sandwiches are Rudi’s brand whole grain bread with pumpkin butter filling.

For her snack, Miss A had a similar frozen guacamole spidery witch with black olive features.  I really meant for it to be a happy witch with the chips for a hat, but it looks more like a cutesy spider to me now.  Either way, I know it will get eaten.

My husband’s lunch is far less festive, but I managed to sneak a ghost ring into his Easy LunchBoxes container today.  He had the Happy Herbivore’s Eggless Salad today. You can find her recipe for Eggless Salad here.

It’s made with tofu, packed full of flavor, calcium and protein, and I actually think it’s better than any egg salad I’ve ever had.I packed the salad on top of the lettuce and sent the bread separately so it didn’t get soggy before he ate it.

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56 Responses to "Happy Ghoul bentos for the Halloween Blog Hop"

So happy to see the recipe for the eggless salad 🙂 YUMMO thank you for sharing!!

I love all the fruit and the pumpkin pecan butter sounds delicious!

Thanks, Kathy! The pumpkin butter is yummy!

I love them all! And I can Totally see the witch 🙂

Thanks, Amanda! It looked better in my mind than it turned out 🙂

They are all awesome, but I LOVE the Frankenstein!

So much cuteness in one post!!! I love the ghouls and the Frankenstein too!

Everything is so cute! My favorite is the Frankeinstein! 🙂 Great job!

Seriously, all super lunches, but that Frankenstein rocks!!

Thanks, other Sarah 😉

yummy, cute, and so healthy! they all look so good!

They are all so cute!!! Love, love, love. 🙂

Aw, thanks Ming! AND a big thank you to you for the traffic yesterday 🙂

The ghouls are so cute

They’re all awesome! I’ve never seen Frankenstein’s monster look so cute!

LOVE everything! You can pack my lunches any day!

Love the eyelashes on your spider!

Wow, they are all amazing! So much detail! I especially love your Frankenstein and the tiny ghost sandwiches 🙂

Holy Guacamole Frankenstein Batman!!!

I love everything! Love how you used the guacamole! And I love your ghosts!!

Thanks, Oh creative one 😉 You could do that in your sleep!

I love the ALL especially the Frankenstein! So creative as always! 🙂

I could have sworn I commented on this earlier but now I can’t find it…. I LOVE The guac faces — I have a ton of wholly guacamole in my freezer so this is a perfect way of using it!

I use those silicone ice cube trays to do the same. It thaws in 3-4 hours so ready to eat by lunch!

LADY!!! Those spidey & frankenstein cups are SOOOO cute!!!!!

Awww, thanks KMG! Haven’t gotten thru the whole hop yet.

Love the guacamole Frankenstein cup! Everything is awesome but I love that the best!

Everything looks great! I especially like that Frankenstein!

Frankenstein is super cool!

Love your ghouls! And that frankenstein is epic!

I really want to try that eggless egg salad! sounds yummy… did you use black salt?

It’s really good, Myra! I used extra firm sprouted tofu and found the black salt (Hawaiian sea salt) at Home Goods in their food section for $2.99.

What great lunches! Love the Frankenstein and spider snacks!

Love the guacamole spider and Frankenstein!

you are always awesome! and sooooo creative

Xxxooo thank you, JeeJee!

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