Funny face bagel and fall vegetable stew

Posted on: October 22, 2012

Happy Monday!  It’s a perfect fall day here in Florida.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Miss G is the only one in school today.  She has a Rudi’s brand Cinnamon Raisin spelt bagel with almond butter & jam.  I stuck on two candy eyes with almond butter.  Next to the sandwich she has grapes and raspberries.  The hair is Shirataki tofu noodles.  The face reminds me a bit of Beeker from The Muppets.  At the top left is leftover rice pilaf and the top right are watermelon pieces packed in her Easy LunchBoxes container.

For her snack she has sliced kiwi and sections of Dapple Dandy Pluots packed in a sistema snack bento.

We recently got in our new LunchBots thermal insulated containers for winter soups & stews.  It keeps foods hot of cold for hours.  This morning I put in boiling water, let it stand in the container for about 10 minutes, poured it out and poured in the heated stew.

Last night’s dinner was Gardein brand “beef” tips made of vital wheat gluten and cooked in vegetable broth with a mixture of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, fresh corn off the cob, celery, edamame and tomatoes with some spices added.

9 Responses to "Funny face bagel and fall vegetable stew"

Came home yesterday to a house that had but older teenagers in it all weekend – needless to say my expression was just like your bagel!

Ha! I can’t imagine! My 2 & 4 year olds can destroy but probably not like teenagers 🙂

I shouldn’t complain – they did vacuum but couldn’t figure out how to take out the trash, composting or recycling. Dishes seem to be challenging as well – the old “must belong to someone else” syndrome…

I think I’ll still take poopy diapers over teenage problems :p I hope you were off enjoying yourself somewhere!

Work – but I did get a mean slice of homemade pumpkin cheesecake!

Very cute bagel face! What type of candy did you use for the eyes?

You can make them at home, but I bought them through Amazon. Just type in candy eyes. I think LARKS was the one who I bought from. They have smaller ones at Michael’s.

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