Stitch-Experiment 626 bento lunch

Posted on: October 26, 2012

Thanks to a recommendation from a few blogging friends a few months ago, my kids watched the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch for the first time.  They are officially hooked.  In fact, even though the original movie was in 2003, the girls decided they had to be Lilo and Stitch for Halloween.

Scrump (Lilo’s doll) and Stitch

Miss A is loves her little alien Stitch.   I made her this little Stitch bento for school this week.  I received the Stitch bento from one of my generous blogger friends and found the cookie cutters, picks and small containers through eBay.  All the Stitch baran are available at All Things For Sale.  The links and photos are listed at the end of this post.

The mini Stitch sandwiches are made from Rudi’s Whole Grain bread with SunButter.  Underneath the sandwiches are apple slices.  To the left are red seedless grapes, mango slices, raspberries and a piece of kiwi.

A project I volunteer for is a Pack A Sack food program at my church.  The program feeds kids at a local elementary school each weekend that would otherwise go hungry.  Last year I helped bring fresh fruits and vegetables to be added to their packed meals.  For Halloween I did a decorated clementine for each child in their meal before Halloween.  They were a huge hit with the kids.

These are a small sample of the clementines I did this week.  My husband even helped draw them and enjoyed the project with me.    Each one is different.  I used a non-toxic Sharpie marker.  The oils from the fruit dry them out quickly, but it’s worth the fun.  It’s even a great, healthy idea for your trick or treaters.  Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead!

Stitch items available at All Things For Sale:

10 Responses to "Stitch-Experiment 626 bento lunch"

OHOHOH I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 Thank YOU! I thought you would. XO

Super adorable lunch!! Great job on those cute clementine (jack-o-oranges) as well !! I can see why they were a hit with the kids!

Everything about that lunch is amazing!!! I think I’m going to have to move to America so I can get all those awesome things from allthingsforsale 🙂

Great job !

They ship to you! Or you can have us mail you a package, K!

Hmmm very tempting indeed!!!

Sooo cute! My kids were obsessed with this movie so much that my then 2 yr old son got a bit rowdy like Stitch. He would like pretend to bite blankets lol. He was Stitch for Halloween and my then 1 yr old daughter was Lilo with coconuts for boobies and a hula skirt. Great job on this creative lunch!

I think my kids like the because they’re naughty too!

So tasty! We love this character and I can see why your little ones do too – my own Miss Z was very much a Stitch when little…

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