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Sometimes I have lofty aspirations.  I am a talented cook which only comes from years of practice.  However, when it comes to baking I think I should be good right away.  I’m not.  I saw this awesome picture on Pinterest, and it linked back to a site called  She made these adorable kid sized pumpkin pies that seem so simple to make.  Mind you as a stay at home mom there are days when find myself finally bathing at 10pm.  Well, last night I started baking at about 9pm.   It turned out to be quite a bit more work than I anticipated, but my little Miss G is having a Thanksgiving feast today.  I promised to be the pumpkin pie mom so I decided that for 3 year olds they should be bite size so not a lot goes to waste.  After a big learning curve, this is how they turned out.

The little crusts were a lot harder to shape than I thought.  Not all of them look like pumpkins, but they are still cute & taste fabulous!

Here is the link & the recipe for anyone who wants to try them out.

Pumpkin Pie Bites

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