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Happy Friday everyone!  My little A didn’t finish her Mr. Potatohead yesterday with all the excitement going on at school so I scaled back a bit today.  She loves baked beans so I included the leftovers from dinner with some pieces of colby jack on top for fun.

I also decided on some small flower sandwiches in the hopes that she’d finish her lunch today.  They are just small PB & Js on whole grain bread with heart candies in the middle.  The stems are blueberries on toothpicks.  Next to those is a bouquet of strawberries cut into flowers and the stem is a vanilla biscuit.  Under it all for the “grass” are organic green grapes sliced in half.

Miss G got a dachshund sandwich and some carrots with ranch dip and a strawberry heart.  In a separate container (unshown) are seedless green grapes & blueberries.  Both kids got lime Lifeway Kefir pouches today and ice water.

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