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Happy Hump Day!  In addition to the letter X this week, the girls are also learning about flowers in school this week.

Miss G has 2 flower sandwiches on Ezekiel Low Sodium bread.  Above the flowers in the flower cup she has raspberries surrounding a cantaloupe flower.  At the top right are blueberries underneath a pear flower with a blueberry in the middle.  At the bottom right are sugar snap peas with a cup of brown and wild rice in a flower cup on top of them and a flower cup of cashews.

Miss A has 2 matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls, for lunch.  They are also on Ezekiel bread with fruit leather hair and faces. Underneath the dolls are sugar snap peas.  At the bottom left she has watermelon and cantaloupe flowers.  At the top left she has a cup of pineapples underneath blueberry stuffed raspberries.  I saw some of my other blogger friends doing this, and I thought it was so cute and clever!

My husband has a spinach salad today topped with a cucumber X and heirloom tomato slices.  At the top right is white bean bruschetta with tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and red wine vinegar.  At the bottom right is a cup of mini carrots and a piece of purple cauliflower in the middle and blueberries around the cauliflower.  All 3 lunches today are packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.

I’m posting yesterday’s lunches below this one since they were a bit boring.  The teachers are covering dental health at school this week so I figured it would be fun to play along.  Both girls have a giant tooth made from whole grain flatbread with Justin’s brand almond butter and jam today.  The eyes are candy and the mouth is fruit leather.  I made their toothbrushes out of a mini carrot cut in half and notched for the brush head.  The bristles are made from veggie slice cheese.  Miss G has picks of strawberries and mangos and to the right are blueberries and raspberries in her stainless LunchBots Duo.

Miss A has a smaller tooth made of the same and a separate container of raspberries and a strawberry piece.  Both of them have ice water with their lunches.

Yesterday’s lunches were lacking a bit in creativity since I woke up not feeling so well.  The girls both had hummus and whole grain pretzel and breadsticks for dipping.   Miss G had cherry tomatoes, carrots and blueberries with ice water.

Miss A had the same Sabra hummus with a tiny box of raisins, mango chunks, mixed nuts (cashews, walnuts and pistachios) in the tiny panda container and a sliced strawberry at the bottom.  She also had ice water with her lunch.

Things I used to make this lunch:

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