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Another quickie lunch today.  I used a pumpkin cookie cutter with a Duff brand stencil on top and food colored gel to make the Jack’s face.

In a separate container was cottage cheese on the bottom and a fruit face with carrot hair on the top.

Mommy wasn’t taking any requests this morning so I wanted something cute and fast.  I decided to roll up sliced turkey on pretty picks for lunch for the girls.  Miss G got turkey & colby jack on her pretty decorative pics (hard to see here) with black beans in the squirrel container, mini carrots & ranch dip in the green lion container, Annie’s Organic cheddar bunnies at top left and white chocolate covered chex mix at top right for a treat.

Both girls got containers of cottage cheese and leaf shaped watermelon on top today and a side of raspberries.

Little Miss A had a smaller version of the same lunch.  She doesn’t have enough teeth for carrots yet.  On the left are the same turkey & colby jack roll ups, but I put hers on broken pieces of thin spaghetti (thanks for the tip, P!)  She’s too little for the decorative picks, and the pasta softens once the food is on it so she won’t choke.  Underneath the meat & cheese are black beans.  On the right are dried cherries at the bottom, cashews and salty, heart shaped crisps.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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