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Anyone who knows me well knows I’ve been obsessed with everything French since high school.  I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere in France so at this point it’s a romantic dream and a bucket list item of mine to visit Paris and spend time roaming the countryside in Provence.  We read a lot of Madeline books too so my girls are familiar with the Eiffel Tower and many things French.

I decided to make my Parisian obsession into lunches for the girls. I used an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter for the sandwich and pastry cutters for the LOVE hearts for the “City of Love”.   I also made croissants (crescent rolls) that I stuffed with a few vegan chocolate chips for a special treat today which I rarely do.  The PARIS letters are cut with mini alphabet cutters in Stretch Island grape fruit leather.  At the top left are sugar snap peas cut in half and cashews with a French poodle pick.  At the top right are kiwi pieces and cloud shaped cantaloupe since it rains in Paris a lot with a black Eiffel Tower pick.  Lunch is packed in our good ol’ reliable Easy Lunch Boxes.

Little Miss 2 year old had a French poodle today.  The eyes and nose are Stretch Island Fruit Leather as well as the BONJOUR letters. The poodles ear, tail & legs have mini vegan marshmallows stuck on with a dab of agave.  She had the same croissant as big.  At the top left is a half of a plum and at the top right are kiwi pieces and cantaloupe clouds packed in her Easy Lunchbox.

For my husband’s lunch, I got most of the salad ingredients at the local farmer’s market here in Sarasota, FL.  Baby spinach leaves, organic sprouts, raw walnuts, seasoned pumpkin seeds and orange heirloom tomatoes.  In addition are sugar snap peas and plums packed in an Easy Lunchbox.

Things I used to make this lunch:



Today we had a rough morning at the dentist.  Miss G screamed like someone was stepping on her head for almost the entire visit.  I decided that a bland lunch would be best for her just in case her gums are sore.  I happened to have some Smart Dog brand soy dogs I needed to use up.  I decided to make babies. NO, not THAT way, with crescent rolls!  I had a roll of the Immaculate Baking Company’s crescent rolls in the fridge.  I sliced the hotdogs in half and then lengthwise since my kids are still susceptible to choking.  Then I used my little face cutters to poke small faces at the top.  Then I just took each little triangle starting at the small end and wrapped them up in their pastry blankets. I cut a small strip off of each end piece to make the “blanket” wrap around the baby’s head.  Then I just baked according to the instructions on the label (about 14 minutes at 350 degrees).

These are the cutters I used for my face cutouts available at Bento USA by All Things For Sale.

Here’s how the babies turned out.  A bit sloppy, but the kids loved them!

Miss G’s has 2 babies in blankets with bear shaped cucumbers and a slice of an apple with star cutouts.  In the yellow star is ketchup for dipping.

Miss A’s version has sliced strawberries, apple cutouts with the star pieces from Miss G’s lunch added for color and a small cup of ketchup too.

Today is the last day to enter my 1 year giveaway contest.  I will post the winner of the drawing first thing tomorrow!

Click the link below to enter.

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