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Quick summer lunches can be as easy as breaking out that container of cookie cutters.  It takes no more time than a normal lunch to do these.  I started with candy eyes which I still use sometimes, but fruits & vegetables can be just as quick.   I recommend using leftovers from dinner & getting creative rather than cutting into new fruits & veggies.  I often pack a small container of leftovers while we’re cleaning up dinner of things that I could include in the kids’ lunches.

Today’s lunches were simple.  Miss A has a hedgehog with a black bean for an eye.  At the top left is a quinoa salad I made the night before that makes great leftovers.  It was made of quinoa, black beans, lemon juice and lemon zest, tomatoes and green onions.  At the top right are halved green grapes with a watermelon crown.

Miss G had a cartoon looking dinosaur sandwich for her lunch.  At the top left are honeydew and watermelon animals at at the right in the green clover are edamame.

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We had a great, fun Easter weekend. I hope everyone else did too.  School isn’t back in session for us until tomorrow so today was lunch at home.  After all the girly Easter lunches, we decided on dinos today.

Miss A had a brachiosaurus today which was an almond butter and jam on whole grain bread.  Above the dino is a cup of honeydew melon cut with my Cube It FunBites cutter.  Above that are her veggies.  She had leftover corona beans on the outside and carrot bites in the middle.

Miss G had what I’m calling the tyrannosaurus wreck today.  It started out as a great idea, but she had the end of a crumbly loaf of bread so he had to have some facial repair to look like a dino.  His legs fell apart too.  Glad this one was at home instead of traveling or it would be unidentifiable!  Next to the t-wreck is a cup of the same corona beans with sliced tomatoes on top.  Above it are the same honeydew melon cubes cut with the same Cube It FunBites cutter in the orange square cup.  Both girls had almond milk after their lunch.

This was from last week’s lunches.  I’m just behind on posting.   I was running late the morning I made this.  I used a dinosaur cookie cutter.  I used a chocolate decorator drop for the eye and the leftover crust for the plates and the spiked tail on the Stegosaurus.  I added some wheat spiral umbrella cookies I found at the Asian grocery store along with the snack size Sabra hummus, whole grain pretzel sticks and Craisins in the stainless LunchBot bento.  In the butterfly container, I cut strawberries with my stainless flower vegetable & fruit cutter and filled in the space with raspberries & blueberries.

Little sis got a smaller version of the lunch.  She also had the hummus with mini bread sticks for dipping, cashews and in the heart bento she got raspberries, blueberries, flower shaped strawberries and a mini PB&J circle sandwich.  Both girls had a Lifeway Kefir pouch and waters with their lunches.

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