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Guest post by Lise LaTorre of Veggie-Bento

One of the ways I speed up lunch-making in the morning is by preparing batches of cute food in advance. That way, making lunch is just a matter of grabbing a little of this, smashing a cookie cutter on that, then sticking a bunch of picks everywhere. If I have five more minutes, I smash around some smaller cutters to add that ‘special touch’ (Did I mention I have a full-time job on top of being a mom?). By far the best tools I have for advance cutification are silicone molds.

3 Ways To Use Silicone Molds for Cute Lunch Foods

1. Freeze Stuff

Hummus freezes well and retains its shape and detail even after it has defrosted. Smaller shapes work best so that they will be soft enough for dipping by the time lunch rolls around.

frozen hummus butterflies

Yogurt is another great item to freeze. I particularly like using coconut yogurt since it adds some nice transparency. I prefer larger molds with easily identifiable shapes since yogurt melts quickly and details get lost by lunch time. I have also started putting colored coconut yogurt shapes on a plain greek yogurt background. The difference in consistency and color helps preserve the shape once melted.

frozen yogurt ladybug

2. Bake Stuff

Baked egg whites are very easy to make and have a nice, smooth consistency. Simply pour egg white into oven-safe molds and bake at 325° for 15 minutes. For a little extra fun, drop the shapes into a cup with warm water with a little natural food color in it. This works best for simple shapes without a lot of detail.

egg white butterflies

I’ve recently been experimenting with burying healthful ingredients in cheese to get my daughter to eat them. So far, we have been most successful with beany cheese bites. Stuff cheese pieces into smaller baking molds, spoon in some re-fried beans, then cover with more cheese. Bake at 350° until cheese is fully melted. Allow to cool, then pop them out. Easy and yummy, even at room temperature.

beany cheese bites

Smoosh Stuff

Conventional egg molds make shaping hard-boiled eggs easy and fun. However, they come in a limited range of designs and my highly-distractable preschooler got bored pretty quickly. So, I have been experimenting with less traditional forms. Thus far, medium-sized silicone molds are the winner. Place a warm, peeled egg in the mold of your choice and put a plate and something heavy on top so that the egg is slowly, and gently pushed into the mold. If the egg is a little on the small side, stuff paper towel in the non-essential part of the mold. Thanks to Alexandra Einess and Kendra Peterson of Biting My Hand for these great egg molding tips!

smooshing an egg ladybug hard-boiled egg

Similarly, rice molds are common in the world of bento. We don’t eat a lot of rice so I haven’t wanted to invest in them. On the rare occasion I do want to include rice in a lunch, I use the silicone molds instead. For these, I use pre-made sticky rice and molds with very simple shapes. I put the rice in warm, and put a piece of parchment paper on top. Once it cools, I flip it over and plop it out onto the parchment paper, then flip it back over to place in the lunch container.

rice dragonfly

Silicone is such a versatile material the possibilities are endless! What are some of your favorites?

FREE SWAG!  Who doesn’t want that?  I do!  Oh, wait, it’s my giveaway for one lucky reader.  To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of bentoriffic and all those who have supported me, I decided to get together a few of my favorite lunch making items to giveaway.  I tried to put together all the things that would get someone started with their own bento/lunchmaking kit for their kids in the fall.  Or better yet for the older kids, something to encourage them to make their OWN lunches.   I didn’t ask for freebies, but I did support some of my favorite products to give to one lucky winner.

Here’s what the loot consists of:

1 complete set of 4 Easy Lunch Boxes for packing meals.  They’re great for adults AND kids.

Two Plastic Egg Molds, a rabbit and a bear

A set of 10 adorable animal picks that are great for girls or boys.

A set of small deco cutters that are great for meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

 a set of 4 stainless steel vegetable cutters:

And 12 Wilton Silicone square cups

This contest is only open to United States residents.

Please let me know in the comment section below either your favorite lunch I’ve made or one you’d like to see from bentoriffic.


You may gain separate entries by signing up to receive my posts by email, tweeting or sharing this post.

  Please leave SEPARATE messages for each thing that you do in order to get a separate entry.

This contest will go for 1 week, ending on June 18th at midnight.

The lucky winner will be chosen through I will post through my blog and on Facebook announcing the winner, and they will have 48 hours to contact me, or I will redraw the giveaway.


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