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I’m back!  We had a wonderfully relaxing vacation, and I’m fresh full of ideas.  The motivation in the morning is sometimes another issue.

Little Miss G love this book by Eric Carle.  She memorized the entire thing when she was about 2, and still enjoys it today.  She will not eat lots of cucumbers which is what I wanted to put on top of the body.  I also found a cute version with avocado slices which she loves, but they would have been brown by lunch so I opted for just plain this time.  I made 4 small sandwiches out of whole wheat.  I sprinkled raspberry jello on the face.  Cut the cucumber eyes and raisin nose.  Then I quartered a tiny carrot for the legs and antennae which I just stuck into the middle of the sandwich.  Then I took a small round cutter to poke the holes in the fruit & cheese.  A straw will work well too in most cases.  I had to carve out the cheese a bit with a paring knife which is why it’s not perfectly round.  This only took me about 10 minutes start to finish so not too bad.  Happy Monday!

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