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Miss G had a rough week last week at piano lessons so I thought I might try some more encouragement. Today she’s having a treble clef PB & J on whole grain bread with the fruit leather hand cut detail on the top.  She also has a small pile of leftover whole grain rotini from last night’s dinner with grated romano cheese on top.  The fruit notes are strawberries cut with a small stainless note cutter.  I also used my music picks to include some blueberries and raspberries.  She also has a lime flavored Lifeway Kefir pouch and some ice water with her lunch.

My husband got a sandwich for his lunch and a bento full of healthy today.  All organic fruits & veggies.  From left to right: blueberries, heart shaped strawberries, seedless red grapes, raspberries and leftover green beans from last night’s dinner.

We started piano lessons about 3 months ago, and Miss G and her little sister have really enjoyed playing instruments.  G has even learned to read the first 5 notes of the treble & bass clef from middle C so far.  She gets very excited when I tell her we’re headed to lessons so I’m hoping this encourages some more healthy eating!

I hand cut the top of the piano.  Then I placed a piece of cheese to make sure the keyboard is the size of the bottom of the sandwich.  Then I cut the cheese to fit, cut it in half, each half in half until I had 8 keys.  I cut the 5 “black” keys from strawberry fruit leather.  I got the musical picks from which is what the blueberries, grapes & strawberry are on.

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