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Little Miss 2 year old will be back to school next week so I will be a lunch making fool next Sunday night!  Enjoying a few extra moments until then.  Today I packed Miss G (4) black bean wraps.  I used a Rudi’s Spelt tortilla, spread on some Tofutti brand non-dairy cream cheese in a thin layer.  I added black beans, a tiny bit of shredded purple cabbage, julienned carrot strips and a tiny bit of Daiya cheese shreds.  I rolled it tightly, wrapped it in press & seal wrap whole and refrigerated it overnight.  I cut it into small wheels in the morning so it would be easier to cut and stuck in some cute animal picks to hold them together.  I also included grape tomatoes which she loves, sliced kiwi and strawberries packed in her LunchBots Uno.

For snack time today I packed her a small, double tiered bento box.  In the bottom are papaya flowers and raspberries and the top container has a halved dill pickle, more grape tomatoes and assorted olives.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Things I used to make this lunch:

It’s strawberry season in Florida.  I took the girls to pick strawberries over the weekend, and we brought over 5 pounds home!  We’ve filled up on berries this weekend, and they will be in their lunches all week.

This week the girls will learn all about the letter O.   Her lunch is filled with things that begin with or are shaped like “O”.  She has an “O” shaped sandwich on Udi’s brand whole grain bread with Justin’s Almond Butter, above it are blueberries on flowered O picks, and a clementine orange with a hat.  On the left side are our freshly picked strawberries (flowers and an “O” on top), a bunny pick, to the left are olives on a flowered “O” pick and sliced kiwi fruit.  They are all packed in a LunchBots Duo stainless container.

Little A had a small elephant almond butter & jam on whole grain bread, above right are flower shaped strawberries, above left is a clementine orange with hat pick, bottom right are flower shaped dried apricots and bottom left are raspberries.

Happy Monday!


Posted on: June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!  The 3 year old asked me last night for an Elmo sandwich for lunch so this is my first attempt.  I can tell you it needs some work, but it still looks like him.  I used a glass upside down to cut the circle for his face.  His mouth is berry fruit leather cut by hand.  You can also use the edge of a smaller glass to cut the mouth.  His nose is a dried apricot.  The eyes are small mozzarella balls (ciliegine).  You can use the end of a straw to punch the holes for the pupils.  I used kalamata olives and then punch a hole in the cheese so they would stay in.  I also had to prop up the eyes from the back with pretzel sticks.  They kept falling over so this could be improved!  I sprinkled the top of the sandwich with raspberry jello powder.  It did the trick, but be careful to not get it wet!  The sides are edamame (soy beans) out of the pod on toothpicks, cherry and blackberry flowers.  The BabyBel cheese has a small fish cut out & colby cheese fish insert for Dorothy in her fishbowl.  Goldfish crackers would work nicely too.  This sandwich probably won’t travel that well until I improve a few things, but you get the idea.  Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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