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I have been looking back over some lunches I did a while back.  Some of you may have seen them already on Facebook, but I thought a tutorial might help if you’re looking to replicate them at home.

I made this one with flatbread, but regular bread or sandwich thins work nicely too.  I hand cut the sandwich shape.  Kitchen glasses work nicely to cut circles or just a plain circle cookie cutter work well too.  I used raisins for the eyes and a craisin for the nose.  Kitties whiskers are 2 strawberry Pocky sticks broken and stuck into the sandwich.  You can find them in the asian section of your grocery store or at almost any asian grocer.  They’re about $1 per box, and use them quickly because they get stale fast.  I also hand cut Hello Kitty’s bow out of fruit leather.  I cut a V out of the top of the strawberries to take the stem off, and it usually comes out heart shaped.  On the flamingo pick are 4 organic grape tomatoes.  I included cocoa almonds for a treat and cheese flowers.

I really like LunchBots to pack the lunches in.  I buy them through where I find tons of great stuff to replace the disposable products most people use.  They are stainless steel, wash well and never pick up odors from day to day like plastics will.

Did you know that less that 1% of plastic bags are actually recycled?  LESS THAN 1%!   Don’t kid yourself by thinking that you will keep taking plastic & just throw them in that green bin outside the store.  Bring your bags, and stop taking plastic.  It’s something so small that will make a big difference.  Please consider doing your part!

One of the main reasons I began to use reusable lunch boxes is that I realized just how much waste one family can produce.  Once little Miss G started school, they never sent her home with the ziploc bag or leftovers.  Sometimes they even threw out the reusable plastic fork I sent.  Not only did it upset me, but it also made me realize how much money we spend on things that we throw out.  I completely revamped the way our family does things as a result.  Now we reuse the same stainless lunch boxes daily & produce little to no trash.

I was reading the following paragraphs on ECOlunchboxes’ website ( last night, and this information never ceases to make me sad, disheartened and scared for the future of our kids.

Don’t let your lunch trash the planet!

The average school-age child, using a typical disposable lunch, generates 67 pounds of waste each year. Plastic sandwich bags do not biodegrade. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists, much of which has ended up in our oceans creating enormous garbage dumps like the Pacific Trash Vortex. This plastic pollution kills about 1 million marine animals every year.

It’s easy to green your lunchbox by replacing disposable bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil with sturdy, reusable containers! You might even be surprised to find out that you’re saving more than the planet because the cost of prepackaged convenience foods and disposables really adds up over a year’s time.

Sea turtle eating plastic

Please consider buying a BPA/phthlate free plastic bento or lunch box or one of the many stainless boxes out there for you & your family.  I use since they have such a great selection.  You will feel better about doing your part!

Have a great Monday!

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