Olympic Blog Hop-Summer 2012 London

Posted on: July 27, 2012

It’s that time again to pop on through the awesomeness that my gal pal bento bloggers created for the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London.  Anything goes with this group so it surely won’t disappoint!

I wanted to do something a little different so I decided to check out the photos of Olympic shots in London.  I found that they had hung the Olympic rings underneath the top tier of the London Bridge.  That’s what I decided on.  Not very Olympic, but something I would love to see as a tourist.  Of course this is a terribly simplified version, but hopefully you get the point. The sides are made from Rudi’s Whole Grain bread, and the bridge crossings are the crust and heel of the bread.  The small white decorations are Vegan brand cheese.  The Olympic rings under the bridge and the LONDON are made from Stretch Island Fruit Leather.  At the top left are watermelon Olypmpic rings and at the top right are crinkle cut cantaloupe pieces and an Olympic wreath made from rosemary from the garden instead of olive branches.

I also made a sad attempt at making the foot of Hermes.  He was an ancient Greek god of the athletes and an Olympian.  His symbol of the winged foot is known now to represent track, running, athleticism among many other things.  He was also the personal assistant and herald to Zeus, king of the gods.

This didn’t really turn out like I wanted, but sometimes that’s the way it goes and I ran out of time for a remake.  I hand cut the foot, wing, and fruit leather sandal.  Small pieces of Vegan brand cheese are the detail on the wing.  The columns on the sides are baby zucchini cut in half. I used black olive slices for the Olympic rings.  At the top left are organic red seedless grapes and cantaloupe discus at the top right both with winged picks for decoration.  Both lunches are packed in my Easy Lunch Boxes.

Hop through by clicking on the button below to see Melissa from Tinkerbean.

37 Responses to "Olympic Blog Hop-Summer 2012 London"

Your hand cutting is so great!

Thanks, Emily! Love how your pancakes turned out!

Soooo cute! Super creative Mama. Love them both!

I think Hermes foot turned out GREAT and I love the bridge, too! What a great idea for how to get the inspiration for it!

The London Bridge is so cool! Super lunches!!!

Wow!! I tot the Hermes foot turned out great n so is the London bridge. I love them both. 🙂

Awesome London Bridge! As always you are so inventive– love it! And I love the foot of Hermes! I used to run track in high school– this would have been so cute back in the day to eat at a track meet!

and btw I have missed you and your awesome creations! welcome back 🙂

Thank you so much, Michelle!

Awesome! Everything turned out really nice. I need to sit down with you to learn more about your stuffs…lol! Great job, mama.

Such creative and unique ideas! Love it!

Thanks, other Sarah! 😉

Awww so lovely. Can’t wait for the opening ceremony!

woww!! What a great idea!! You are such an artist!

You are too kind! Thank you 🙂

Clever and unique, as always!

[…] Olympic Lunch by Sarah over at Bentorrific […]

Hi Sarah, I’ve been trying to contact you via email w/ no luck .. because you won the Vitamix Giveaway on my blog ( ) – please email me!!! k at lunchboxbunch dot com

Oh my gosh, Kathy! SO excited! I sent you an email with my info. I hope you received it. Seems I have email issues.

These are SO cool!!! Brilliant ideas with epic execution 😀

You are too kind 🙂 Thanks, Jenn!

Beautiful lunches! Your bridge looks just like the shots they showed during the opening ceremonies!

Yay! I missed the ceremonies. Thanks so much 🙂

Sarah, I’ve noticed the olympics batch. May I use this to link back to ur blog pls? I did my bento last week for my instagram. I didn’t know about it. 😛

The first thing I thought of when watching the opening ceremonies was THIS LUNCH! Great work.

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