CuteZCute Cutter Review and Giveaway!

Posted on: November 2, 2012

I am excited to share the new CuteZCute cutter with my readers!  One lucky reader will win a CuteZCute kit of their own.  This contest is open to readers worldwide.  This tool takes the guesswork and time out of detailed cute lunches.  I was given a kit to try out and review.  I have received no other compensation for this review.

The CuteZCute Food Deco Cutter kit comes with 6 pieces.  There is a face frame for the template, 4 animal feature cutters including a panda, frog, pig and cat and a great pick for poking out small pieces from the templates.  My favorite feature aside from the awesome possibilities and ease of use is that each facial cutter has a side for cutting through on one side and for simply imprinting on the other which takes the guess work out of hoping you don’t ruin a bunch of bread.  Many cutters also come with intricate designs but don’t offer a way of getting the pieces out without ruining what you’ve cut.  This Panda Assistant poker makes it very simple to get out the eye, ear, nose and mouth pieces without poking small holes in what you’ve cut.

This panda lunch was the first lunch I made with the CuteZCute cutter for a lunch.  I used whole wheat bread and cut the face features from Stretch Island fruit leather strips.  For each creation, you simply cut the face shape from whatever you’re using.  I’ve seen pizzas, rice, cookies, english muffins, bread, tortillas cheese and you could even use pie dough for individual pies.

I also did this almond butter and jam pig lunch with the cutter.  I can tell you after a couple of years hand cutting shapes, this kit is a dream.  I spend about 10 minutes tops making the lunches with the CuteZCute.

The above frog quesadilla was made with green tortillas and Daiya brand non-dairy cheese shreds.  The frog is on a Wholly Guacamole lily pad.  From start to finish this took me less than 10 minutes.

Some examples of the different faces you can make with the cutter are below.

My blogging friend also has a link up party on her blog of dozens of cute ideas for the different uses of all the possibilities with these cutters.  Click below to see all the fun CuteZCute lunches:

Lunch With Eyeness CuteZCute Ideas

I decided to come up with a few holiday ideas for the CuteZCute on my own just to show how quick and easy it can be to have fun.

Now that Halloween’s over, there are still fall festivals happening so I thought a scarecrows would be fun.  I used the face template for the face.  I hand cut the hat and used the bread crust scraps to make hair.  The facial features are the frog eye cutter made from fruit leather. I used the pig ear cutter on a mini carrot slice for the scarecrow’s nose, the pig’s eyes are the cheeks made from apple skin, and the frog’s mouth cutter is the scarecrow’s mouth from fruit leather.  I used 2 pretzel rods for the scarecrow’s arms.

I made a reindeer out of pumpernickel bread and the face template.  The eyes and nose were the panda bear’s eye cutters.  The reindeer eyes are the bread scraps from the scarecrow as is the reindeer’s mouth made from the panda mouth cutter.  The red nose is also using the panda bear’s eye cutter used to cut a small piece of apple.   I used the bread scraps and the panda mouth cutter to make the antlers for the reindeer.

Other reasons to love the CuteZCute:

*It’s owned and operated in the U.S.A.

*It’s made from durable, food safe plastic and packaged in recyclable packaging.

*It’s so simple your kids can use it.

*It’s a perfect birthday gift, holiday gift and stocking stuffer.

*At $8.99 it’s affordable to almost everyone considering how many options the kit gives and available for sale at both my favorite bento supply site All Things For Sale and on Amazon.

The Rules:

Contest opens 11/2/2012 and ends at 12:01am on 11/9/2012. Winner will receive one CuteZCute Food Deco Cutter Kit.

Contest is open to all people worldwide.

One entry for each item:

1.”Like” CuteZCute on Facebook

2.Pin a photo from this giveaway to Pinterest, and leave a comment with the URL to the Pin in my blog comments.

3.Tweet about the giveaway and leave your twitter username in my blog comments.

Winner will be chosen by and posted on 11/10/2012.  Winner will have 72 hours to respond to request by email.  If first winner doesn’t respond in the given time, a new winner will be chosen.  Please make sure you leave me a way to get a hold of you.  Good luck!

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That reindeer is awesome!!! I love how you can make so many things with this set!

I have liked CuteZCute on Facebook 🙂

Here is my pin on Pinterest :

And here is my tweet :

You want a separate comment for each one, silly! Then she just randomly selects by comment number!

Oh :/ hahah I’d better change that

Um, i am in LOVE with the scarecrow and reindeer… omgosh! awesome!

Oh totally missed the giveaway part hahaha sorry! Pinned 🙂 & Tweeted – just count my first comment as my tweeter one, LOL

I like cutezcute on FB 🙂

Adorable! How could lunch get any cuter?? Just tweeted you @BStoneBlog

Supe cute! I love the guac lilly-pad
All of the above done 🙂

I was going to leave the URL for the tweet but I couldn’t figure out how to find it :-S

It’s ok. I see your twitter link!

I couldnt wait I’ve already ordered my CuteZCute; but I must say I squealed when I saw your darling scarecrow on pininterest! I love it and wish I had it for school this morning! Fab post!!!

Awe, thanks! I’m sure there will be more ideas from my blogger friends too. Love the cutezcute!

I liked CuteZCute on Facebook and pinned here: I don’t tweet, but I totally would tweet about these if I did; they are adorable!

Love the reindeer!

This is such a cute set! Already have them on my like-list since you mentioned them before. Would be a great addition to my bento-stash!

This is my pinterest post:

And my twitter-message:

Liked cutezcute on fb. 🙂

Liked on FB
I also tweeted it. Bento_Minion…

ahhhh. reindeer!!! love!!! 🙂

Guess I’m going to have to open a Pinterest account for future giveaways!

So sweet! I love them!
Like on Facebook!
( Pin on pinterest!
And I don’t actually have a twitter account but I shared it with my friends on Facebook. I understand if that doesn’t count.

I like cutezcute on FB

I liked CuteZCute on Facebook. I would love to win a set!

liked! (i thought i did this already but it didn’t show)

I liked CuteZcute on FB

My tweet!

I love the examples you have that you made with them. 🙂 I liked them on FB.

I love the examples you have that you made with them. I liked them on FB.

As I didn’t write a comment for each thing i did, here is my pin on Pinterest 🙂

And here is my tweet 🙂

[…] CuteZCute Cutter Review and Giveaway! […]

Liked CuteZcute on FB.

Like CuteZcute on FB

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here is my pinterest “pin”

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katie_zoo is my twitter name

I like you on FB 🙂

….and cutezcute!

I have pinned 🙂

and tweeted! @TBassula 🙂

i’ve liked and my twitter is dacruncho 🙂

I like cutezcute on facebook, love these, they are so cute…

I like both you and cutexcute on FB.
Love how you creatively use the bear cutter and turn them into cute reindeer

Tweeted as well @rabbitcancook

I like CuteZCute on facebook.
Virginia Mason –

Just love the reindeer!
Tweeted –
Twitter name – VirginiaKMason

I like cuteZcute on facebook (Nina Hi)

Awesome giveaway!!!
Pinned the reindeer because its so cool and ready for Christmas Bentos!

Liked CuteZCute on facebook – Yvette Bowyer

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Have a great day!

“Liked” and Pinned!!!

liked cutezcute on fb


I ‘Liked’ CZC on Facebook!

I Tweeted about the giveaway. my twitter name is MewlKitten

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[…] days left to #enter #giveaway for @CuteZCute #sandwich #cutter… […]

I love it. I adore your scarecrow and reindeer.

Here’s the tweet:!&

Here’s the Pin:

Already liked their FB some day I really want to get one. My FB name is Eileen Shows

like on fb Julie A Scott Laws
these are darling 🙂


Here is the link to Pinterest:


[…] cute cutters from CuteZCute. And, it looked like they could be used with my panda pocket. Squee! This review on Bentoriffic (note the inspiration for my Rudolph) and the incredibly sweet and generous gift of an Amazon Gift […]

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